Water in Toledo declared safe for consumption

Effective immediately, customers of the City of Toledo Public Water system may now safely drink tap water. Consistent test results have shown microcystin no longer exceeds the recommended drinking water warning of 1 microgram per liter standard set by the World Health Organization in testing done by the City of Toledo, the Ohio EPA and the USEPA.   

We are asking the public to conserve non-essential water usage to help our water treatment plant as it returns to full operation. Conservation efforts, such as refraining from watering grass, should continue until further notice. 

We would like to thank our community for their patience and their support during this water emergency system as well as all of those who assisted during our community's moment of challenge. 

Steps are being taken state-wide to adopt a regulated testing system for microcystin, which impacts our area as well as other bodies of water that are being affected by harmful algal blooms. We will continue to test and treat our water to ensure that it is a safe and pure resource for our water consumers.

The employees of the City of Toledo, Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, Lucas County, State of Ohio and the Ohio National Guard should be recognized for their dedication and tireless efforts to protect and preserve public health and safety.  Governor Kasich’s commitment to the challenge is appreciated.

For customers who have concerns regarding flushing of household water, if you have had no water use (including flushing toilets) you should flush the water lines in your home. The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department has created a document to assist in this process. If you have used water in your home (showering, washing hands) it is not necessary to flush your lines. Visit the Health Department website for additional information

Distribution centers will close at 11 a.m.