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Working to Build a Better Community!


The Board of Community Relations seeks to address:


  1. Unlawful Discriminatory Practices
  2. Interfering with Civil Rights
  3. Strains on Racial and Cultural Relationships 



The Board of Community Relations is an independent organization chartered by the City of Toledo. We exist to promote, empower and support citizens and neighborhoods to create social justice, equal opportunity and a harmonious environment. We intervene in conflicts and disputes by providing investigation, facilitation and mediation services.



  • Keith Jordan, Board Chairperson
  • Scott Noonan, Board Vice-Chairman
  • Joseph Zielinski, Secretary/Recorder & Multifaith Representative
  • Adam Maguire, Nominations Chair
  • Najwa Badawi, Welcome Toledo Lucas County Board Liaison
  • Arturo Quintero, Bylaws Chair 
  • Pastor Christopher Rowell, MLK, Jr. Unity Day Celebration Co-Chair 
  • Dr. Zaheer Hasan, Lucas County Emergency Planning Team Liasion 
  • Cynthia Geronimo, Hispanic Affairs Commission Liaison 
  • Kenneth Rupert, Police Community Relations Liaison



  • Adam Maguire, Labor
  • Linda Meyers, Education
  • Cynthia Geronimo, Neighborhood / Mayoral Appointee
  • Chris Rowell, Religious / Mayoral Appointee
  • Joseph Zielinski, Religious / MultiFaith Council 
  • Arturo Quintero, Mayoral Appointee
  • Kenneth Rupert, Religious / Mayoral Appointee
  • Zaheer Hasan, Middle Eastern / Mayoral Appointee
  • Scott Noonan, Labor
  • Najwa Badawi, Middle Eastern / Mayoral Appointee 
  • Lilian Briggs, LGBTQAAI / Mayoral Appointee 
  • David Sherman, Neighborhoods
  • Brittany Moore,  Labor
  • Keith Jordan, Mayoral Appointee 
  • Jennifer Pizio, The University of Toledo 
  • Caryn Maloney, Neighborhoods  

MLK Day 2017


This National Day of Service and Celebration is deserving of recognition because it is an exemplary example of multiple organizations coming together around a common goal, of servicing others.  

Higher education institutions representing small private, community college, and public four year institutions came together with the local United Way of Greater Toledo, the City of Toledo, The University of Toledo, and the City of Bowling Green to leverage collective knowledge, share resources, increase visibility of MLK Jr. Day as a National Day of Service for the Northwest Ohio region.  

Events included various Day of Service events on MLK Jr. Day, a community Unity Celebration, food drives, guest speakers such as Dr. Cornel West, film screenings, a Cost of Poverty Experience simulation, an Undergraduate Research Symposium, and more.  Overall, 34 events were planned and implemented to celebrate and recognize the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



Upcoming Events 2017



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