Business Permits & Licenses

The City issues licenses covering a broad array of business activities, but not all businesses are required to be licensed. Licensing requirements are established by the Toledo Municipal Code and fall under one (or more) of three categories: general business regulation, consumer health and fire prevention.

Licenses are issued through the City Treasury, located on the 20th floor of Government Center. Hours of service are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Procedural requirements for license issuance vary widely from one type of license to another. Contact the Treasury Department for specific information.

Licensing of food vendors is handled directly by the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department. Their phone number is 419-213-4100 #3.

The Following forms are available for download. All are in PDF format:

LICENSE/PERMIT applications

Amusement Devices

Arcade Operation

Bowling Alley

Car Trailer Rental

Car Truck Rental



Dance Hall

Dance Academy/studio

Distressed Merchandise Sales

Foot Peddler and/or Temporary Store

junk/recycling yard

Mechanical Musical Instrument

Parking (garage/lot) Place

Pool Table/Hall

Predictor License

Public Vehicle Operator

Roller/Ice Skating Rink

Scrap Processing Yard

Second Hand Dealer

Soft Drink License

Taxicab and Vehicle for Hire

Theatre License

Towing Permit Application

Waste Hauler