Division of Code Enforcement

Dennis Kennedy, Acting Commissioner      419.245.1234

One Government Center, Suite 1800
Toledo, Ohio 43604
Main Phone: 419.245.1400
Fax: 419.245.1413

The Department of Neighborhoods, Division of Code Enforcement enforces the property maintenance and zoning codes of the City of Toledo, and by referenced authority, the International Code Council. Our goal is to bring properties into compliance with uniform standards of health and safety regulating the properties and structures in which the public occupy. The actions of Code Enforcement assist in the removal of blight, stabilizing property values, and help eliminate crime which is associated with vacant and abandoned properties.  While eliminating nuisances, particularly in low and moderate income neighborhoods, the division interacts with the community and its residents. Code Enforcement plays an important role in sustaining the viability of the City’s neighborhoods in the community.


The Division of Code Enforcement is responsible for responding to complaints generated by the Administration, City Council, citizens and neighborhood organizations, by using inspections & enforcement mechanisms, and to assist in the abatement of general nuisances. The focus of nuisance abatement is accomplished through the enforcement of property maintenance, building, zoning, and health code standards. The Division also takes a proactive approach to property maintenance by being a consistent presence in neighborhoods, being accessible to citizens, and through the Administration’s neighborhood clean-up events. 


The most significant highlights in 2015 was our participation in the Mayor’s T-Town’s events, which is a proactive initiative uniting the Toledo Police Department Community Services Officers with the Division of Code Enforcement Inspectors, to assist neighborhoods with crime and blight issues.  This year, Code Enforcement has received and responded to more than 26,000 citizen complaints.  More than 31,200 properties were inspected the past 12 months. 2015 was the first time in many years, that the Division helped secure a Litter Management Grant for Tire Amnesty events, which were held in conjunction with the City Council District Clean-Up events.  The $44,000 grant is solely for the use of tire recycling, and was issued to the City from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA).  Under the grant, the events run July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.  In the first 3 events held, the City collected 36.95 TONS of tires, which equals 3,650 tires collected and recycled instead of going to the landfill!

The Division received control of the Vacant Property Registry and registered more than 1,250 vacant homes in 2015.  Code Enforcement has been center stage in implementing new automated procedures by being the 1st Division to operate a database management & work order based system using CityWorks software. Code Enforcement works closely with Lucas County Land Bank to expedite the Land Bank OHFA demolition blitz, which has been continuously operating since 2014, and running through 2020.  In 2014, Code Enforcement assumed responsibility of Beautification Action Team to expedite delivery of services for neighborhoods, and is reporting, in the first full year of operations, BAT has processed more than 18,000 work orders on derelict properties within the City.  



The Code Enforcement Division is charged with ensuring that minimum property maintenance standards, established in the Toledo Municipal Code (TMC), are being followed. By following the TMC, the health, safety and cleanliness of neighborhoods is enhanced and will result in increased property values and improved quality of life for the City of Toledo Residents. 

To view the Code Compliance Guide, click here. 

To report issues or complaints, please click link to SEECLICKFIX application or contact Engage Toledo at 419.936.2020 


Pursuant to Toledo Municipal Code §1767 Vacant Residential Building Registration any vacant properties located in the City of Toledo must be registered within 30 days after the structure first becomes vacant.  The property owner must file a Vacant Residential Building Registration form with the Department of Neighborhoods and pay a $200.00 fee at the time of filing.   For questions regarding this registration, please contact the Department of Neighborhoods at 419-245-1400.  To complete the Vacant Property Registration, click here.