Division Highlights - Facility & Fleet Operations

  1. Continued facility upgrades through the Better Buildings Program.
  2. Renovated Roosevelt Pool for approximately $300,000.
  3. Continued improvements for 555 N. Expressway Drive.
  4. Completed restoration of Fire Station #19 after a Fire
  5. Provided logistic support and assistance for Navy Week
  6. In 2012, Fleet Operations purchased several million dollars in vehicles & equipment to improve the operations and efficiency of several City of Toledo Divisions.


  • 290 City buildings
  • 11 swimming pools
  • 20 ball diamonds
  • 10 tennis courts
  • Over one mile of concourses and bridges
  • Five fountains (Erie Street Market/Bay 3, Festival Park, Harvard Circle, International Park, Levis Park)


  • Maintains over 2,240 vehicles
  • Purchases over 1,300,000 gallons of fuel per year for City fleet
  • Maintains 10 fuel sites for use by city fleet.
  • Prepares contracts for vehicles, parts, fuel and other services.


  1. Necessary materials & services to maintain City of Toledo facilities
  2. Necessary fleet (and maintenance) to allow all applicable City of Toledo Divisions to continue fleet-dependent operations