Bridges and Levee Systems

SBH is responsible for:

1.  Bridge Inspection – To inspect annually bridges over 10 feet in span as required by ODOT to ensure safety for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

2.  Bridge Maintenance - Clean scuppers, expansion joints, bearings, remove unwanted vegetation, apply protective coatings to bridges to extend life and reduce repair costs.

3.  Bridge Repair - Perform minor repairs that extend the life of the bridge 2 to 5 years.

4.  Bridge Rehabilitation/Replacement - Use a combination of capital improvement program dollars and grant funds to extend the life of bridges 25-75 years.

5.  Guardrail Installation and Repair - Install or repair guardrail along roadways near ditches and bridge embankments as determined necessary by federal regulations.

6.  Levee system Inspection and Maintenance – Inspect and maintain the Point Place and Glencove (Swan Creek) levees as mandated by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Click here for information on installation of a dock or other construction near a levee or harbor line.





Point Place Levee System along the Ottawa River, Mudjaw Creek, and Maumee River has been undergoing rehabilitation since 2012, and is expected to finish late 2018.

Swan Creek (Glencove) Levee System near South Avenue and Detroit Avenue has also been undergoing improvements over the last three years in compliance with new regulations issued by FEMA.  Improvements should be complete in the Spring of 2018.


Marengo Street Bridge was closed to all vehicular traffic in May of 2016 due to structural failure.  A grant has been secured from the Ohio Department of Transportation for construction in fiscal year 2019.  The project is currently in its early design phase.


Originally constructed in 1980, the Maumee St. Bridge over the Norfolk Southern Railroad is a three span, pre-stressed concrete box beam superstructure built on modified gravity stone piers and abutments. New construction will provide ample space to accommodate a third railroad track, as well as increased vertical clearance for the rail cars. The new bridge will provide a larger turning radius for buses. This bridge is currently in final agreement stages, awaiting needed utility relocations before construction can begin.  The bridge is being replaced with a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation Municipal Bridge Fund.