Leaf Collection Program

SBH collects an annual average of 90,000 cubic yards of leaves in the City of Toledo to prevent them from clogging the sewer system and creating unsafe driving situations.  The 2013 leaf collection season started on November 4, 2013.  To see when we will be coming to your area, please click on the schedule below.

For 2013 Leaf Collection Schedule - Click Here

Please have your leaves, grass and plant material raked to the lawn area between the edge of road on uncurbed streets or just over the curb on residential streets not more than two days before the scheduled date of leaf pick-up. Placing leaves in the street too early creates a slip hazard during wet weather.   If you are bagging, you can put significantly more leaves in the bag if the leaves are mulched first. Please use brown paper bags only. Material in plastic bags will not be picked up.  Grass and plant material may be mixed with leaves.  However, woody material, such as branches, twigs, shrubs and garbage mixed in with leaves will cause us to LEAVE that pile as collecting it will damage the equipment and increase costs associated with the program. 

 Acceptable Leaf Pile

 Unacceptable Leaf Pile

Do not dump leaves in streams or creeks.  Citizens are encouraged to mulch leaves and use them in their yards and gardens. Mulched leaves add significant nutrients back into the yard and make excellent compost for use in the garden.