Engineering Services

Douglas R. Stephens P.E., Administrator
One Lake Erie Center
600 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 300
Toledo, Ohio 43604
Phone: (419) 245-1315
Fax: 419-936-2850


The primary role of Engineering Services is to replace and upgrade Public Utility Distribution and Transportation Systems. This includes water lines, sanitary sewers and storm water facilities, public sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, streets and alleys. In addition, Engineering Services is responsible for street lighting, plan reviews, inspection of construction within the public rights of way and open space planning.

Highlighted Projects:

Northwest Ohio's first Multi-lane Roundabout Enhances North Central Toledo

Phillips-Willys Interchange Connector (Berdan-Detroit and Cherry-Manhattan Roundabouts) from Toledo Aerial Media on Vimeo.

2017 City Construction Projects:

Current 2017 Project List

Current 2017 Project Map

To view projects, zoom in to a project point and click on a project to view its details. Projects are displayed as lines or polygons that are Green, Red, Orange, or Blue.