Film Toledo

Film Toledo was designed to promote the beauty of Toledo and experience its amenities through film. Toledo is the booming northwest Ohio city, located near other municipalities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, and Ann Arbor. The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit provides a refundable, tax credit of 30 percent on production cast and crew wages plus other eligible in-state spending

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Home Sweet Home

What We Love About Our Town

  • City Parks
  • Toledo Zoo
  • Local businesses, shops, and restaurants
  • Freshwater nearby
  • Close to Major cities and Islands
  • Entertaining sports teams

Movies shot in Toledo

Home Run Showdown Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Two Toledos A Story Worth Living

Let Toledo be the backdrop of your film.

    With rich industrial history and roaring twenties architecture, Toledo houses a modern, suburban lifestyle for anyone to enjoy. Through well-kept public resources, there is always a place to learn, and within the bustling city streets, entertainment is at every corner. Among vast city parks, exquisite museums, stimulating libraries, and delicious local markets and restaurants. There is always a moment to capture in the Glass City!

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    The City of Toledo is here to assist in scouting and shooting the perfect location. We can also help with permits street closures, police, fire, safety, and any and all public or private logistics for your production.