Solheim Cup in Downtown

The city of Toledo is excited to host the 2021 Solheim Cup from Tuesday, August 31 to Monday, September 6. This event is expected to attract 150,000 spectators and bring $32 million to our region. With events happening each day, closed streets will be filled with residents and visitors. This will pose challenges for many located downtown. Those affected must begin planning now.

Fan Fest Friday and Saturday

Friday and Saturday, Fan Fest will turn parts of downtown into a ticketed general admission area for Solheim guests. These areas will be closed to the general public, including patrons, pickups, dropoffs, and staff.

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Street and Parking Garage Closures

Designated Loading Zones

Summit St.
Between Adams St. and Jackson St.

Adams St.
Between N. St. Clair St. and N. Superior St.

Jefferson Ave.
Between N. St. Clair St. and N. Superior St.