Katie Moline

Councilwoman At-Large

Councilwoman Katie Moline was elected to a full term of council as At-large Member in November 2021. Councilwoman Moline is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and formerly served as a Congressional Aide to Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur upon returning to Toledo after receiving her Bachelors of Arts with honors from Miami University and her International Masters from European University at St. Petersburg.

Councilwoman Moline serves as Vice-Chair of the Finance, Debt & Budget Oversight Committee. She also has committee positions on Regional Growth, Development, and Small Business Enterprise Committee, Streets, Public Services & Utilities Committee, and the Water Quality and Sustainability Committee. Through legislation she sponsored, she chairs the ad hoc Ethics Committee, as well. Councilwoman Moline resides in the same Close Park neighborhood of West Toledo where she grew up, with her husband Phil, a Toledo Firefighter and Paramedic. Councilwoman Moline has a passion for public service and wants to hear from the citizens of Toledo about the issues that concern you the most.

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