Yvonne Harper, Council Member, District 4

From the Office of Councilwoman Harper:

Referrals are questions asked by Council Members during meetings requesting specific answers or additional information regarding the subject of a meeting or a piece of legislation. Below is a snapshot the cover page for the Referral Responses received by Council on 2/14/2020.  To review the full document click HERE 

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City Council Committees, Chairs & Vice Chairs & City Departments 


Community Housing Development Organization Application



District Improvement Program 

Toledo City Council has established the District Improvement Program (“DIP”) to enrich the quality of life for individuals, families and business owners throughout the City and empower community members to take steps toward long-term improvements. The purpose of the District Improvement Program is to give community members an opportunity to have direct input and influence into the improvement of their neighborhoods. The emphasis of the program is to help fund capital projects not currently planned by the City that have community-wide benefit.  

The program will be funded annually by appropriation of Toledo City Council. The amount appropriated for 2018 is $125,000 for each of Toledo’s six Council Districts. Applications will be approved for capital projects ONLY.

City Council District Improvement Program Application








Community Reinvestment Act -1977

Opinion: A Green Light to Banks to Start "Redlining" Again -  New York Times

Resolution 473-18  Presentation for Council


Budget Oversight

Education, Recreation & Employment

Neighborhoods, Community Development & Health, Chair

February 5, 2020 

Regional Growth, Development & Small Business Enterprise

Streets, Public Services & Utilities

Water Quality & Sustainability

Zoning & Planning


Neighborhoods, Community Development & Health
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