Requesting a Proclamation or Memorial

Due to the high demand, Proclamations from the Mayor's office must be requested with 14 days advance notice and can only be issued for the following:

  • A milestone anniversary for a church, pastor or organization (25 years or more)
  • A special cause, such as proclaiming a month or a day to honor a recognized effort
  • A special visitor to our area such as an Ambassador or a public figure
  • Milestone birthdays (90 years or more) and milestone wedding anniversaries (50 years or more) 
  • Community Award programs seeking individual proclamations and requests for proclamations for yearly community events must be requested with at least 30 days notice.  

Requests for a Memorial for display at a funeral home, church or wake are typically only granted for former City employees or local public figures. 

Except in situations where the Mayor has agreed to personally present a Proclamation or a Memorial, you must make arrangements for pick-up. 

Please include the following in your request:

  • Type of milestone event
  • Event information or biographical information for person being honored/recognized 
  • Date proclamation is needed for 
  • If a memorial is requested, the date of the service or funeral
  • Best method of contact 

It is also helpful if you place "Proclamation request" or "Memorial request" in the subject line of your email. All request emails should be sent to If you are not able to send a request through email, please call 419.245.1001 and be ready to relay the same information as requested above. If you are asked to leave a message, please provide as much information as possible so that we can determine if your request can be honored.