Anthony Wayne Trail Renovation


The Anthony Wayne Trail Gateway project began in June 2017 and will be completed in August of 2018. The project, which includes a public art feature and landscaped green space, will aesthetically and functionally transform the entryway into downtown from northbound I-75 and Anthony Wayne Trail (SR 25), welcoming people into the heart of our city. 

The project spent several years in development, where the City’s Division of Engineering Services held public stakeholder meetings to solicit input on the design alternative. The new design provides direct access to the Erie Street Market and S. Erie Street for incoming northbound traffic from I-75 and SR 25. It also opens up two-way traffic on Lafayette Street east of Erie Street, providing improved access in and out of the Warehouse District. Under the current street configuration none of these options are available to motorists.

The project is designed to improve safety; it enhances pedestrian access at the Erie and Lafayette intersection, and creates a new roadway alignment to naturally slow vehicles entering downtown. With separate sanitary and storm sewers, the project will also help eliminate sanitary overflows into the Maumee River, contributing to the improvement of our lake water quality.Currently, the project is on schedule to complete all roadway paving along the new alignment SR 25, the I-75 ramp, and S. Erie Street by the first week of November. To complete this work, a closure of the northbound I-75 ramp and SR 25 into downtown will take place from 10/20 through the morning of 10/24, weather permitting.

The detour for the I-75 Ramp will divert traffic to the Detroit Avenue exit and turn motorists onto Monroe Street towards downtown. Ohio Department of Transportation will install these detour signs. 

The final phase of the project, which includes Lafayette Street west of Erie, removal of the old Anthony Wayne Trail pavement, grading and landscaping of the green space, and the construction of the public art feature, will take place next year.