City Crews Collecting Leaves During Break in Weather


City crews have been collecting leaves as quickly as possible today during the break in the weather.

City employee Tom Metzger was among those out today collecting leaves in a vacuum truck.



Here is a list of where city crews were today collecting leaves: 

In zip code 43614, street sweepers were in the areas bounded by: 
1. Heatherdowns, Eastgate, Glendale, and Reynolds
2. Eastgate, Airport, Heatherdowns, and Greenvalley
3. Byrne, Golfgate, Escott, and South May
4. Pinelawn, Heatherlawn, Byrne, and Glendale

In zip code 43614, loaders were used at:
1. Copland and Beverly
2. all courts off of River Road

In zip code 43606, loaders were used in the areas bounded by: 
1. Bancroft, Kenwood, Secor, and Douglas

In zip code 43614, loaders were used: 
1. in the areas bounded by Byrne, Glanzman, and Detroit
2. on Wildwood, North of Sherwood

In zip code 43615, vacuum trucks were in the areas bounded by:
1. Holland-Sylvania, Elmer, and Bancroft
2. Woodbridge, Parkstone, Olimphia, Castlerock, Camberley
3. Rivard, Copley, Dority, Atwood, Harlan
4. Fleet, Penn, Sandringham, Thobe, Eileen, Dorr, Hill, Holland-Sylvania
5. Rio, Beecher, Harold, Swift, Lancaster, Zelpha, Helen
6. Baps, Stillwater, Rochell, Leander, Bonapart, Diegle
7. Norton, Melvin, Kinder, Malcom, Nela, Metcalf
8. Mctigue, Deline, Teal, Carnation, Cook, Sims

The city also had a crew on the Anthony Wayne Trail today doing the last patching of major potholes.