City of Toledo announces new solid waste contract with Republic Services

The City of Toledo has announced a new contract with Republic Services for the city’s solid waste collection. Over the past 10 months, the City of Toledo has negotiated this contract with Republic Services that will keep the solid waste collection and recycling in line with the needs of the city. The newly negotiated contract has many benefits to the City of Toledo residents, but the most important is monthly bulk pick-up.

Republic Services will increase the number of bulk collections permitted per home from 1 per quarter to 1 per month. Republic drivers will also work to report blight and waste placed at the curb not scheduled for bulk collection. “The City’s new contract for refuse collection will greatly enhance our ability to serve neighborhoods. We are hopeful that our citizens will make good use of the monthly bulk pick up services to help to keep their neighborhoods cleaner and healthier,” said Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

This plan will put bulk collection the day after the current collection date and all stops identified the day before will be collected by Republic Services crews. This means that residents need to call 419-936-2511 before their collection day to schedule a bulk pick-up, and place their items on the curb also by the collection day. Republic Services crews will verify the bulk pick-up, and will pick up items the day after the regularly scheduled collection day.

Other important items included in the contract:

Republic Services will continue to provide disabled residents assistance with their service bringing the City and Lucas County into ADA compliance.
They will provide a reduction of costs to the City of Toledo based on the cost of fuel falling below $3.00 per gallon.
The Recyclebank program will also be dropped for City of Toledo. Residents will keep their Recyclebank accounts and any points they’ve already accumulated.

We feel this new contract falls in line with the needs of the city, will benefit the citizens, and will reduce blight in neighborhoods.

Posted by Stacy Weber on Friday, October 16, 2015.