City of Toledo supports citizen-led cleanups through equipment loans and refuse pickup

The City’s Department of Neighborhoods offers a trailer stocked with supplies (lawnmowers, rakes, hedge trimmers, weed whackers, gloves, and garbage bags) that can be signed out by residents for neighborhood cleanups from 8 am to 1 pm. Citizens use the equipment and their own elbow grease to work on the projects they choose in their neighborhoods. The City then picks up any junk or debris resulting from the cleanup activity.

To schedule a volunteer-led cleanup with City-provided equipment and refuse pickup through October, call 419-245-1400.

The City strives to empower residents with information and resources to make our neighborhoods cleaner and safer. Programs such as this one, which puts tools into volunteers hands and then clears away the debris clearly shows how we can accomplish more by working together than we can on our own.

Posted by Stacy Weber on Friday, September 09, 2016.