Water Quality Dashboard Updated to Watch

We’ve changed our water quality dashboard to reflect the current status of Toledo’s water, which is now “Watch.”

Our new water protocols are working as we intended to provide the public with information about the changes in quality of water as well as early warning of harmful algal blooms.

Microcystin has been detected in the intake crib 3 miles out in Lake Erie, but not in drinking water. Our water is safe to drink.

A very small amount of microcystin was detected-- 0.5 parts per billion and below in the raw lake water. (0.5 parts per billion is equal to ½ a blade of grass in a football field.)

The City’s water treatment process is effectively removing the microcystin through its routine process. Accelerated treatment is not needed at this time.

A key objective this year is to make sure our community receives timely updates about their water quality. Thank you.

Posted by Stacy Weber on Monday, July 27, 2015.