The City of Toledo is taking public comments through April 28th, 2017 on a proposed reconstruction project on South Detroit from Copland to the Anthony Wayne Trail.

Detroit Avenue will be reconstructed as a three lane road from the Anthony Wayne Trail to Copland and will include a single lane roundabout at Detroit, Byrne and Devonshire. The reconstruction project will replace all existing pavement, new curbs and new drive aprons. The project will replace sidewalk on an as needed basis. Current traffic counts show that the traffic in this section of road meets the criteria for reducing the lanes between AWT and Byrne from the current five lane configuration to the proposed three lanes. Three lanes will reduce travel speed and allow for cars to get out of the through lane when making left turns. The road will widen back out at the Trail to accommodate the existing turn lanes.

Roundabout Facts: 

  • A roundabout will improve the flow of traffic at the intersection of Detroit, Byrne and Devonshire while also reducing the travel speed on Detroit. 
  • Roundabouts are a natural traffic calming element since entering traffic must slow to at least 25 mph in order to safely navigate the roundabout.
  • Roundabouts are also known to be safer for pedestrians crossing the street because they will only need to cross a single lane from one direction at a time and the traffic is naturally moving slower.
  • Cars should yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk before entering the roundabout.
  • The roundabout will also allow Devonshire to be two-way, which would reduce traffic on other side streets like Rocksberry, Penrose and Escott.
  • Turns onto Devonshire and Byrne will be much easier and safer.  Earnest Brew Works will not be negatively impacted by the roundabout.

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