District 4 Ready for Mill and Fill Roadway Patch Program

The Division of Streets, Bridges & Harbor has released the list of residential streets in District 4 that will be repaired during the 2016 Mill and Fill roadway patch program.

Crews will be working throughout the summer to complete the roadway patch program in all six council districts. Lists for other districts will be released as they are completed. Crews continue to measure proposed street sections to assure even distribution of the $700,000 dedicated to the Mill and Fill program this year.

District 4 Streets

  • Junction from Dorr to Nebraska
  • Rockingham, 300-400 blocks
  • Campbell, 1100-1200 blocks
  • Tecumseh, 900, 1500, and 1700 blocks
  • Hamilton, 500 block
  • Bancroft, 1000 block
  • Beaumont, 3300-3400 blocks
  • Elm, 300 block
  • Scottwood, 2353 frontage
  • Scottwood, intersection at Virginia

Posted by Stacy Weber on Friday, June 03, 2016.