Preliminary Finding of No Significant Impact Toledo Downtown Storage Basin


The attachment linked below is an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a storage basin project in your area which the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency intends to finance through its Water Pollution Control Loan Fun (WPCLF) below-market interest rate revolving loan program. The EA describes the project, its costs, and expected environmental benefits. We would appreciate receiving any comments you may have on the project. Making available this EA and seeking your comments fulfills Ohio EPA's environmental review and public notice requirements for this loan program.


Ohio EPA analyzes environmental effects of proposed projects as part of its WPCLF program review and approval process. We have concluded that the proposed project should not result in significant adverse environmental impacts. More information can be obtained by contacting the person named at the end of the EA.


Any comments on our preliminary determination should be sent to me at the letterhead address. We will not act on this project for 30 calendar days from the date of this notice in order to receive and consider comments. In the absence of substantive comments during this period, our preliminary decision will become final. After that, Toledo can then proceed with its application for the WPCLF loan.


Environmental Assessment