Toledo is preparing for Heavy Rain Event

City of Toledo’s Department of Public Utilities has implemented its heavy rain event protocols in anticipation of 1-2 inches of rain within a 16 hour period starting as early as 3 am Wednesday morning. There is potential for street and basement flooding.

What Citizens Can Do

  • Those with histories of basement flooding should remove valuables or irreplaceable items, like photo albums from the basement and raise appliances and other items off the floor.
  • Check to see that your sump pump activates as the float is lifted.
  • Check to see that any backwater valves are clear—these need routine maintenance to stay operational.
  • Should citizens experience water in the basement, flooded streets, or other issue of concern, they should call Engage TOLEDO* at 419-936-2020. Their request will be documented and a service request issued.
  • NOTE: If water levels do approach appliances, unplug electricity and cut the power to the furnace to minimize damage.
  • Please rake leaves to the edge of the street, not on the street, to keep them free from stormwater drains.
  • Avoid driving through flooded streets.
  • Check on neighbors who may need assistance.

What Toledo is Doing

  • Engage TOLEDO has added additional call takers throughout the expected storm duration to receive and process citizen requests for service, such as street flooding or water in basements.
  • The Division of Sewer & Drainage Services has deployed 4 pumps proactively and has placed another 5 pumps on standby, ready to go as may be needed.
  • Three crews will be positioned within their designated zones in the City to monitor how water is flowing through the collection system and to be ready to respond to customer requests.
  • Seven Vactor trucks and 3 water trucks and crews will be available to clean identified blockages and increase flows where needed.
  • Updates will be provided as available by Stacy Weber, PIO.

*Engage TOLEDO is a citizen-focused, 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation to improve the collection, management, completion, and follow-up on citizens’ service requests. 

Posted by Stacy Weber on Wednesday, October 28, 2015.