2015 Leaf Collection Begins

The annual City of Toledo Leaf Collection Program will officially begin on Monday, November 2, 2015, according to Streets, Bridges, and Harbor Commissioner David E. Welch.

The collection schedule used for the leaf pick-up this year will be based on the 16 Postal Zip Code Zones into which the City is divided. Collection crews will be working on Monday, November 2nd in Zip Code 43613. Again this year, the leaf collection schedule will be listed and updated on the City of Toledo’s website (www.toledo.oh.gov/engage-toledo). We will also be using text alerts to notify citizens a week before their scheduled leaf collection. To sign up, visit toledo.oh.gov and click on Toledo Alerts.

Approximately 180 employees and 100 pieces of equipment will be used in this year's Leaf Collection Program. Crews will be working six (6) days a week and are expected to cover the entire City at least once. The collection sequence for the zip codes was chosen so as to maximize collection efficiency and to minimize road hazards. Where required and weather permitting, a second pass of zip codes 43613, 43623, 43615, 43614 and 43606 will be scheduled to gather the remaining leaves.

A combination of street sweepers, front-end bucket loaders, packers, semis, and dump trucks will be used on curbed streets. In most cases, the front-end bucket loaders with semis and dump trucks will precede the sweepers into an area to more effectively handle the larger piles of leaves.

Residents are required to rake their leaves into the gutter line on residential CURBED streets just prior to the scheduled collection days, which will be announced via text alerts, and signs will be posted in the areas our crews will be working. Piles of leaves, which are located behind the curb line, will NOT be collected. For safety and drainage purposes, residents are urged NOT to rake their leaves into the street until the collection day is announced. Residents are asked to keep drainage ways to storm inlets open to prevent flooding and NOT place the leaves over storm drainage inlets.

Residents on UNCURBED streets and MAJOR CURBED streets with high traffic volumes (such as Secor Road) are asked to rake their leaves to the edge of the roadway NOT into the street. Leaves on these streets are picked up by vacuum equipment and should be windrowed; that is, raked into long, narrow piles parallel to the roadway to facilitate collection and to avoid large dangerous piles of leaves interfering with vehicles traveling on the roadway.

Leaf piles that contain tree limbs, branches, plastic bags, and other foreign debris WILL NOT be collected as they may damage the collection equipment and to avoid contaminating the leaves that are being recycled.

Toledo residents are also STRONGLY urged to refrain from parking on City streets that are scheduled for leaf collection since it is impossible to collect piled leaves that are near or under parked cars. Parked cars are the biggest problem encountered in the Leaf Collection Program.

Residents are also encouraged to place their refuse and recycling carts on their lawn versus in the street during leaf collection as well.

Courtesy "No Parking" signs will again be posted this year at the corner of each block stating that collection is scheduled and on-street parking should be avoided between 7:30 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. When these signs appear, residents should rake their leaves for leaf pick-up. Additionally, as we proceed with our leaf collection operations, each zip code will be posted at least one weekend prior to us entering the zip code for leaf collection. When the signs appear, it is imperative to the leaf operations that the residents rake their leaves to the appropriate location near the roadway so our leaf collection efforts are successful.

Once our crews have completed leaf collection in your zip code, if residents “rake-out” their leaves, they will be notified to bag their leaves, as leaf collection efforts have been completed in your zip code. Again, IT IS IMPERATIVE that residents rake their leaves when they see the signs for collection. It is not recommended to wait to see us on your street. Rake when you see the signs to avoid having to bag your leaves.

Most street repair and maintenance operations will be suspended during leaf collection since the utilization of all available street personnel is required in order to complete the Leaf Collection Program before snow and ice conditions occur. However, minimal crews will be available to cover emergency street repairs, cleaning, and emergency demolition issues.

The dissemination of this information by the media to City of Toledo residents is extremely important to the success of our annual Leaf Collection Program. Leaves can be on the ground, but if they are not raked by residents in a timely manner and placed at the proper location as described above, they cannot be collected.

Posted by Stacy Weber on Friday, October 30, 2015.