Mayor Announces Last LED Fixture Installation in Old South


Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson today announced the last of 200 LED fixtures in the community of Old South as part of the 2017 SMART City Pilot Program.  The LED street lighting program is part of the Mayor’s initiative to maintain safe livable neighborhoods.

Each of the three LED pilot projects was developed in partnership with Toledo Edison and community groups from the Old South, West Toledo and Bancroft neighborhoods. The LED project will help the city reduce its energy consumption while providing longer-lasting and brighter street lights for the community, which increases public safety.  The LED fixtures will not require service for at least 10 years and will reduce operating costs for the city.

Studies have shown that LED lighting helps to improve pedestrian and driver safety. The 2017 Smart City Pilot program will help the city integrate city lights with smart technologies to create greater efficiency.

The City of Toledo is advertising for an RFP to recommend options for a full LED street lighting program. Toledo Edison, the owner of the light poles, will be responsible for installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of LED fixtures.

“The LED pilot project is part of the City’s desire to be a SMART city and the three pilot projects are just the beginning in being a smarter and more innovative city. By embracing new technology, the citizens of Toledo will improve our mobility and create more livable neighborhoods,” says Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

“We’re pleased to see this progress as Toledo begins to move into the new LED street lighting technology,” said David A. Poska, director of Operations Services for Toledo Edison.  “Nationwide, we’re seeing overwhelmingly positive reviews of these new lights, and we expect the City of Toledo to have energy saving costs for these 200 new lights.”