Mayor Hicks-Hudson Calls Official End to the 2017 HAB Season

With nine consecutive days of non-detect readings at the intake crib in Lake Erie and water temperatures dropping below 62 degrees the City of Toledo has called an end to the 2017 Harmful Algal Bloom Season.

“Our partners join us in confirming that the 2017 HAB season is over and our test results have shown non-detects at the intake crib in Lake Erie for nine consecutive days,” said Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson, noting “We continue to provide safe drinking water for 500,000 people.”

University of Toledo Professor Thomas Bridgeman who conducts HAB research and bloom monitoring agrees that the algae season is over for the year, saying “Temperatures are dropping, boat monitoring is about done, and the cold weather this week will kill whatever is left,” and “The NOAA lab just did their last trip as well.”

With the HAB season over, Toledo water treatment chemists will maintain daily sampling for microcystin, testing the seven daily samples and posting the results on Wednesdays on the Division of Water Treatment’s page: . This page is also where the Water Quality Dashboard will remain until next year.

Media partners may put away the Water Quality Dashboard until next season.

For more information about water quality, please see link below. 

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