Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson applauds Congresswoman Kaptur’s ongoing efforts to improve Lake Erie by uniting with her colleague in Michigan to push for impairment under the Clean Water Act.  “Marcy has worked tirelessly to protect our Lake and it is good that she is creating higher visibility for this issue by aligning with her counterpart across state lines,” said the Mayor. 


Mayor Hicks-Hudson agrees that the problems in Lake Erie are not being addressed by existing policies, agreements and regulatory tools, primarily because the Clean Water Act does not directly regulate non-point sources of pollution.  On July 5, 2016 Toledo City Council unanimously passed Resolution 247-16 put forward by the administration urging Congress to strengthen the Clean Water Act by authorizing direct Federal regulation of nonpoint sources of pollution.


Mayor believes that among other important activities taking place at this time, an Executive Order of the President is needed to protect and restore Lake Erie as was done to provide environmental accountability in the Chesapeake Bay.  Mayor is writing to President-elect Trump, see attached, to request this action.


Note: Mayor Hicks-Hudson is out of the office through next Wednesday attending the Kauffman Foundation Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship and speaking on a panel at the Global Water Leader Group’s American Water Summit.




Letter to President-Elect Donald J. Trump