Mayor Unveils $150,000 CM Labs Simulator for Training

Toledo, Ohio – Today, Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson unveiled the new $150,000 CM Labs Simulator that will train and improve the skill level of all City Heavy Equipment Operators. Using simulators can improve employee productivity and reduce costs.

The use of simulators for training lowers equipment fuel costs and reduces wear and tear on expensive equipment while providing a more productive training for employees. In addition to fuel cost savings, simulators can also free up instructors to focus on other higher-value-added tasks because trainees can work their way through simulation exercises at their own pace.

The Streets, Bridges and Harbor Division in the City of Toledo has a budgeted staffing level of 46 Heavy Equipment Operator Positions with all difference skill levels. With this new simulator, SB&H can build a training program to improve the skill level of all City Heavy Equipment Operators and also allow other positions like Maintenance Worker 1’s to be able to enter into the program to gain the skill level for a possible promotion.

Another benefit from the use of this simulator will be to rehearse complex operations with the entire team. This improves communication between crew members, and increases the likelihood of efficient operations.

Quotes: “By improving the skill level of all of our employees, we will be able to improve productivity and reduce costs, which will make us a more efficient city.” Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.