City Crews to Begin Mill and Fill Roadway Patch Program

The Division of Streets, Bridges & Harbor will begin the 2016 Mill and Fill roadway patch program starting Monday, May 16, weather permitting. The Division will use the program exclusively to patch residential streets in 2016, starting with portions of 14 streets listed below in District 5, for which areas have been measured and are within the allocated 1100 tons of asphalt planned per district.  This amount of material is estimated to complete approximately 1 ½ lane miles per district. 

“Using Mill and Fill to repair some of the worst sections can make longer portions of our residential streets more drivable,” says SB&H Commissioner David Welch. “A few strategic repairs can dramatically improve an entire stretch of roadway.”

Crews will be working throughout the summer to complete the roadway patch program in all six council districts.  Lists for other districts will be released as they are completed.  Crews continue to measure proposed street sections to assure even distribution of the $700,000 dedicated to the Mill and Fill program this year.

District 5 Streets

  • Gilhouse from Talmadge to Briarcrest
  • Briarcrest from Avonhurst to Clover
  • Avonhurst from Gilhouse to Briarcrest
  • Bowen from Berdan to Sylvania
  • Bowen from Westbrook to Castleton
  • Templar from Grantwood to Eastbrook
  • Edgar from Cowan to Douglas
  • Philmar from Tillimon to Harvest
  • Clover from Ariel to Barstow
  • Barstow from Kathy to Clover
  • Kathy from Barstow to Ariel
  • Springbrook from Shamrock to City Limits
  • Lauderdale from Carskaddon to Springbrook
  • Cedarbrook from Carskaddon to Torquay

Posted by Stacy Weber on Friday, May 13, 2016.