Mayor Hicks-Hudson Announces Personnel Changes

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson is announcing personnel changes to make the City's administration more efficient and improve service delivery.

Robert Reinbolt is retiring from the position of safety director for the City of Toledo. Mr. Reinbolt was in place as Mayor Collin’s chief of staff and served Mayor Hicks-Hudson in this capacity until after she was voted into office. In 2016, Mr. Reinbolt has served in a temporary part-time capacity as safety director to work with the police and fire departments to identify ways to reduce expenses in these areas, which make up the largest portion of the City’s General Fund budget. Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson thanked Mr. Reinbolt for his service stating, “I appreciate Bob’s knowledge and experience in many key operations of the City and his assistance since I became mayor.” Mr. Reinbolt, who has served as chief of staff for three different mayors and held various executive positions for seven mayors, indicated that he plans to spend more time with his family and explore assisting the community in other ways.

In addition, Tom Kroma has resigned as director of the Department of Neighborhoods. Tom Kroma has served as director for the last two and one-half years. Over the years, Mr. Kroma has worked in various capacities for several City of Toledo administrations. Thanking Mr. Kroma for his service, Mayor Hicks-Hudson stated, “Tom’s dedication to community service, knowledge of City operations and construction management experience have been an asset to the City.”

These changes are tied to the City’s ongoing review of government operations efficiency, and offer the mayor an opportunity to create a more efficient administration at a cost savings to taxpayers, while improving service delivery and program effectiveness.

Duties of the safety director will be taken on by the Mayor’s Chief of Staff Mark Sobczak.

Acting Commissioner for Fiscal & Monitoring Bonita Bonds will serve as interim director of Neighborhoods, charged with refocusing the department to achieve cost savings and to strengthen partnerships with the City’s community development organizations to better align strategies and leverage resources across the community. The goal is to ensure full deployment of all program resources, broaden participation in programs administered by the department, and attract additional funding to improve our neighborhoods.

These changes are effective immediately.

Posted by Stacy Weber on Tuesday, August 02, 2016.