Precautionary Boil Water Advisories Issued For Two Areas


Precautionary boil water advisories were issued for two areas after a brief power issue at the city’s high service pump station at the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant. The high service pump station lost power for less than one minute before backup generators restored power. As a precaution, because of a possible drop in water pressure within the two areas, the city issued the boil water advisories.

The advisories expire at 5 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018.

The two areas affected by the precautionary boil advisories are bounded by the following:

  • The north side of Central Avenue from Corey Road to Holland Sylvania Road; the east side of Holland Sylvania Road from Central Avenue to Sylvania Avenue; the south side of Sylvania Avenue from Holland Sylvania Road to Corey Road; the west side of Corey Road from Sylvania Avenue to Central Avenue. The area includes Wildwood Preserve Metropark. Please find a map attached.
  • Florence Road from Broadway to Oak Street; Oak Street from Florence Road to the railroad tracks; Broadway from Florence Road to the railroad tracks. The railroad tracks is the northern border. Please find a map attached.