Collins Park Water Treatment and Ohio EPA Press Conference

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson along with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) held a press conference today at 10:30 a.m. at the Treatment Plant located at 3040 York Street followed by a tour of the facility.  

OEPA Director Craig Butler discussed two interest-free that are financing projects designed to improve the City’s ability to treat Harmful Algal Blooms.  The larger of the two loans, at $5.14 million, will fund the construction of powdered activated carbon storage silos at the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant and low-service pump station, and upgrades to the potassium permanganate and activated carbon feed systems. These are critical water treatment technologies that will allow the city to better remove toxins produced by HABs starting this year.

The smaller loan, for $1.457 million, will fund a three-part project comprised of an in-depth evaluation of long-term HAB treatment alternatives to identify preferred treatment process technology; formation of an independent blue-ribbon panel to review Toledo’s water treatment needs; and conversion of a conventional filter at the treatment plant to a new granular activated carbon filter as a part of a pilot study on removal efficiency of algal toxins.

In addition to these loans, the City is preparing for the harmful algal blooms season by putting more barriers into place, such as:

  • Early warning water quality monitoring buoys and sondes which will provide the City with early warning to chemists of needed treatment adjustments
  • Additional chemical feed capability at Intake Crib and Low Service Pump Station which provides chemical treatment as needed where lake water enters the system and travels toward Collins Park Water Treatment Plant
  • New Chlorine Facility at Collins Park Water Treatment Plant with four (4) times the capacity of the existing chlorination system
  • Increased solids removal capability at Collins Park Water Treatment Plant
  • Emergency Preparedness through Planning, Training & Drilling, and improved communications internally and externally

The upgrades that are were announced today at the city’s drinking water treatment plant, in celebration of Earth Day, are designed to improve the ability to remove harmful algal blooms.  

Posted by Stacy Weber on Thursday, April 23, 2015.