Priority Based Budgeting Education Session


Members of the public are invited to participate in a public education session to learn about the Toledo’s Priority Based Budgeting program. The public education session will be held:

Date: Monday, October 30, 2017

Time: 6-8 p.m.

Location: Sanger Library, 3030 W. Central Avenue, Toledo

The meeting will include an opportunity for participants to learn about how to access information from the city’s website. This is the first time that the City has detailed costs by program and made this information available to its citizens.

The Center for Priority Based Budgeting recognized the City of Toledo as the first city ever to launch the Open PBB Data Citizen Portal. Toledo is committed to sharing city data with the public to increase transparency, accountability and customer service, and to empower companies, individuals and non-profit organizations with the ability to harness a vast array of useful information to improve life in the city. Toledo Open PBB Data is specifically designed to transparently share all the city's priority based budgeting data with citizens.

Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) is a financial process to help align city resources with results. The City administration implemented a PBB process in 2016. Considered a best practice in government finance, the PBB analysis will be used to help formulate the 2018 city budget, make improvements on how city resources are deployed, and identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase effectiveness of city services.

PBB provides cost and revenue data for more than 700 city programs identified through this process. The PBB process also allocates programs into four quartiles according to a program’s impact on key community desired outcomes, including: safety, livable neighborhoods, quality infrastructure, community well-being, good governance, clean drinking water and environmental sustainability, and a strong and diverse economy

The PBB information can be accessed from the City’s website here, where citizens can find a more detailed explanation of priority based budgeting as well as a users' guide and link to the budget data.