Mayor Hicks-Hudson released the proposed 2017 Operating Budget to Toledo City Council today.

The budget strongly supports public safety and ensures core city services are supported. Total proposed General Fund revenues are projected to be $257,602,700, of which $173,200,000 is anticipated from income tax. Proposed General Fund expenditures total $257,602,700. Of these expenditures, 67.50% support public safety. Public safety makes up over 88% of full time employees supported by the City's general fund.  The proposed budget funds a class of 40 police officers and 30 firefighters next year.

The proposed budget estimates in state revenue sharing at $8 million for 2017. This represents an annual loss of $16 million from the state of Ohio from 2008 levels. As a result, the General Fund budget has relied on voter approved transfers from the Capital Improvement Fund ("CIP") to stabilize core services. The proposed 2017 transfer is $11,500,000. However, due to increased projected tax revenues and reduced debt service payments, the 2017 budget projects available CIP funding to increase by approximately $2 million.  Mayor Hicks-Hudson stated that "she remains committed to working with all parties to find solutions to eliminate this transfer altogether."

The Administration will maintain the budget savings measures instituted earlier this year and continue to work to identify and implement operational changes to maintain and improve services while reducing costs.  In addition, in the coming months the City will use the information now being developed through the outcome-based budgeting process to identify additional efficiencies and cost reductions while protecting the services that our citizens value the most.

"Although budget challenges exist, I look forward to working with City Council to prepare a final budget that provides our citizens with effective and adequately manned safety forces and efficient customer-focused city services with the goal of improving the quality of life in our city, and building upon the current positive economic development momentum,” Mayor Hicks-Hudson says. 







Click here for the Proposed 2017 Operating Budget.