Republic Services and City of Toledo Update for Trash and Recycling Collection


Trash and recycling collection was suspended Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 30-31, because of the extreme cold’s impact on equipment.

Republic Services is making preparations to return to the Wednesday solid waste and recycling collection routes on Friday, Feb. 1. The plan is to complete all solid waste and recycling collection services from the Wednesday collection area.

On Saturday, Feb. 2, Republic will provide collection of RECYCLING ONLY from the Thursday and Friday collection areas.

Republic will not provide solid waste collection services on Saturday, Feb. 2. Only recycling materials will be collected on Saturday, Feb. 2. 

On Monday, Feb. 4, Republic will return to the normal collection schedule.

Republic will also provide collection of solid waste that is remaining from the Thursday and Friday routes throughout the first several days of the week beginning Monday, Feb. 4. For the Wednesday and Thursday solid waste stops that have not been picked up, Republic will begin working on the Thursday solid waste collection area and moving into the Friday solid waste collection area.

Residents are being asked to leave any solid waste and recycling materials intended for collection out to the curb until they are collected. This will help ensure that solid waste and recycling materials are readily available for collection.

Should residents run out of room in their cart for solid waste, they should place bagged solid waste next to the cart for collection. Republic’s drivers will be hand picking and reloading carts in order to accommodate any additional materials generated during the delayed service.