Sewer Restoration Ahead of Schedule at ProMedica Parkway & Monroe Street

Crews continue to back fill the excavations today to prepare for the restoration of the road at the intersection of ProMedica Parkway and Monroe Street now projected by the end of the week. Roadways could be open to traffic as soon as Friday; however the time frame could be extended to next week if weather or other factors interfere. Traffic was rerouted as a storm sewer line underwent now completed reconstruction and waterlines were repaired.

The City’s Division of Sewer & Drainage Services continues to deploy a vactor truck equipped with specialized sewer cleaning equipment at the site to pump any debris out of manholes and to clean the sewer lines. Multiple bypass pumps have been positioned to pump water from the 15" sanitary sewer to a different sewer line so the line can be isolated for further inspection.

Posted by Stacy Weber on Wednesday, January 06, 2016.