Sewer Restoration at ProMedica Parkway and Monroe Street Development

An issue discovered today will push the completion date for sewer restoration work being done at the intersection of ProMedica Parkway and Monroe Street to late next week.

Due to continued water and debris within the 15-inch sanitary sewer line, inspection of the line through the use of cable-fed cameras was not possible. A physical inspection was made today by a worker who entered the underground space through the manhole. The inspector observed that the drop connection in the sewer is plugged and has failed. The City is now eliminating the drop connection as part of the restoration.

The Division of Sewer & Drainage Services continues to pump water out of the 15-inch sanitary line to reduce pressure on the system and prevent any other backups into the hospital. This area will need to be excavated once more to complete the repair. It was necessary to backfill the original excavation to stabilize the sanitary sewer manhole to gain access 

Posted by Stacy Weber on Wednesday, January 06, 2016.