Significant Snow Event

The City of Toledo is poised to address what appears to be a significant snow event that will begin on Sunday and continue into Monday. Preparations are being made to ensure our streets are cleared as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Starting at midnight tonight, we will have 50 main line plow vehicles treating our Phase 1 and Phase 2 streets with rock salt. By early afternoon tomorrow we will have 34 sister division plows, and 36 private plows for a total of 120 plows clearing the roads.

 In advance of the storm, a few reminders:

  • If you have the ability to park your vehicles off of City streets when there is major snow accumulation about to begin, please do so.  Less cars on streets enables snow crews to clear streets more efficiently. It is almost impossible for snow crews to avoid burying in cars that are left parked on streets if there is a large amount of snow. 
  • Phase 1 streets have traffic counts greater than 7500 vehicles per day including hospitals, fire stations, and the downtown TARTA bus loop.
  • Phase 2 streets are those with greater than 2500 vehicles but less than 7500 vehicles including TARTA bus routes.
  • Phase 3 streets have less than 2500 vehicles per day but which serve as feeder lines to main arteries, streets adjacent to schools, churches, hospitals, funeral homes, major commercial and industrial areas and other places of high people concentration, school bus routes and known hazardous areas. 
  • Phase 4 streets are the remaining residential streets 

Not all Phase 4 streets receive snow plowing or salt treatment, the snow and ice removal is an assessed service funded through property tax.  The main focus is access to the primary roads that most used.

Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp gives authority through the Ohio Revised Code to declare Snow Emergencies, levels one through three. 

Snow Emergency information is released to the public through the Lucas County Emergency Management Agency.  The City of Toledo as well as Lucas County offers an alert system that can inform residents by text, email or voice when an alert is issued.  To sign up, please visit and click on the “Toledo Alerts Sign-Up” on the left sidebar.   Whenever possible we share Snow Level notices with our social media viewers. 

Please keep sidewalks clear of snow.  Our Municipal Code requires snow removal to take place within 24 hours.  This law has been in effect since 1952 and could result in a minor misdemeanor conviction.  Impassable sidewalks also create a nuisance, which is under the authority of Code Enforcement Inspectors then can levy a $75.00 fine.  We greatly appreciate those of you who lend assistance to neighbors not capable of physically removing snow. 

Remember to take extra care and caution if you do need to travel and to turn to local media and social media for updated information.