TFRD Headed to Houston

Toledo, Ohio - Mayor Hicks-Hudson is proud to show support to the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department who are now sending out eight members of the fire department to Houston, Texas to support the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

These eight members of the fire department are part of the special operations bureau and are highly trained technicians capable of handling the rescue operations that are currently underway in Houston. The Special Operations Bureau oversees the department’s technical rescue programs which include our hazardous materials team, confined space team, structural collapse, high-angle rope rescue, dive team, and surface water rescue.

Toledo Firefighters will be deployed for eight days, leaving the city when approval is granted. The Chief Santiago is working with state officials to get the appropriate clearances for our team’s departure.

The Toledo Firefighters that will be deployed to support the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) teams who are currently working in the Houston area are:

Deputy Chief John Kaminski
Battalion Chief Bryce Blair
Captain Matthew Brixey
Lieutenant Greg Yingling
Lieutenant Greg Segura
Lieutenant Craig Ellis
Private Jamie Morelock
Private Jason Zeimke

“I am proud of our Toledo firefighters who are taking this step to help our fellow Americans in their time of need. I know they will be exhausted from the work they will be doing but will be completely overjoyed to join the other men and women who are helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey. I, along with the citizens of Toledo, thank these men for making this journey,” says Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

"The Toledo Fire and Rescue Department is fully prepared to send 8 members that are highly trained and possess a variety of specialized skill sets that are paramount to succeed in this rescue mission. At this point, I have completed the necessary pre-deployment process with the Ohio EMA and we maintain a state of readiness in the event the final authorization comes from the state of Texas thru the Ohio EMA. Understanding the preparation that this team has done thus far and the work they will eventually do, I believe the state of Texas will be well served by this dedicated group of professional firefighters," says Fire Chief Luis Santiago.