Toledo City Council approves Solid Waste Management Plan


Toledo City Council Tuesday approved the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District’s Solid Waste Management Plan update pursuant to Ohio law and also authorized an agreement with the Lucas County Commissioners and the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District to commit all of the city’s recyclables from the city-wide curbside recycling program to the district.

Toledo Public Service Director Paul Rasmusson said the city’s current recyclable collection and processing system is cost prohibitive.

Recyclables have to be shipped a considerable distance since there is no local materials recovery facility or cost effective transfer facility, Mr. Rasmusson said.

“Within the Solid Waste Management Plan is a commitment by the district that they will build something that will assist us in recycling and processing locally,” he said. “The second piece – the agreement with the commissioners and the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District –  is committing our recycling stream to the project.”

A local materials recovery facility will reduce cost by eliminating the need for transportation and allow the city to control how and where processed recyclables are marketed,” Mr. Rasmusson said.

“Let’s get this thing built and reduce our trash costs,” Council President Matt Cherry said.

Council Tuesday also approved a resolution in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and advocated for permanent protection of “Dreamers.”