Toledo Files Lawsuit Against Drug Manufacturers and Distributors

Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson announced that the City of Toledo filed a lawsuit against drug manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and others on their role in the opioid epidemic.

With City Council authorization, the City retained outside counsel to be part of our opioid litigation team. Together we built a case with credible evidence to hold 24 drug manufacturers and distributors accountable.

Unless action is taken by the community, the opioid problem will not be addressed. Citizens for too long have paid the price with our youth growing up without parents who have died of opioid misuse.

The Mayor along with City Council continues to advocate for the health safety of Toledoans. Today represents the continued effort of City of Toledo and what it is prepared to do to keep its neighborhoods safe and livable.

“We have had enough of our community members suffering or dying of overdoses from the unfair distribution and marketing practices of these addictive drugs. The time is now to hold drug manufacturers and distributors accountable for their actions,” says Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.