Toledo Police Uniform Upgrade

Chief Kral announced today that Toledo Police Officers will begin transitioning to navy blue shirts which perform better and cost less. Both long and short sleeve new navy shirts cost $38.50. This provides a savings of $14.25 for each long sleeve shirt and savings of $13 for each short sleeve shirt over charges for the current light blue uniforms. When promotions or transfers to other units occur, new shirts will not be required. These factors lead to a conservative $25,000 being saved annually with the navy uniform.

Not only are the new shirts more economical, but they are more comfortable for duty, made with water-wicking fabric that keeps the wearer warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Vice President of the Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association Vincent Manera stated, “The majority of our membership is in favor of the new navy uniforms and TPPA leadership supports the administration in cost saving measures like this that prevent cuts in other areas.” Mr. Manera said that there was a uniform committee comprised of TPPA members and management to review this issue.

Chief Kral noted that the uniform committee explored the issue of differentiating Toledo Police officers from Toledo Fire & Rescue personnel who also wear navy shirts. The committee reported that during the winter uniformed officers wear navy sweaters or coats and navy vest carriers that cover up the light blue shirts. When vests are worn over short sleeves during the summer, the short sleeve is the only portion of the light blue shirt seen. Police officers are also distinguished from fire personnel by the vehicles they drive, headwear, logo patches, and other things, such as ballistic vests and whether or not they carry a gun.

Posted by Stacy Weber on Wednesday, November 18, 2015.