City of Toledo invites support of United Way & Community Shares Campaigns

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson spoke of our compassionate community as she invited others to join city employees in supporting the United Way of Greater Toledo and Community Shares at a kick-off event Monday morning, September 14 at One Government Center.  “A few dollars each payroll makes a big difference in helping to provide services for citizens,” said Mayor Hicks-Hudson. United Way President & CEO Karen Mathison stated that the City of Toledo and the United Way work together throughout the year and share many of the same goals.  Pam Pullella, Interim Executive Director for Community Shares, highlighted that every dollar makes a difference in someone’s life.  

Serving as City of Toledo 2015 Campaign Chair is Neighborhood Development Specialist Juenethia Fisher, who has been working since June recruiting and training volunteers for the giving campaign which runs from September 14 through October 29.  Supporting these organizations benefit many residents, families and the community through education, health, social justice, animal rights, and many more.

In addition to the administrative team, Police Chief George Kral attended the kick-off event, as did Anthony Miracola, an employee with the Department of Public Utilities, Division of Water Distribution, who has worked on the City’s annual giving campaign for seventeen years.

Contact information:

For City of Toledo campaign:

Juenethia L. Fisher, Neighborhood Development Specialist



For Community Shares:

Pam Pullella, Interim Executive Director



For United Way:

Laura Harrison, Labor Community Services Liaison


Posted by Stacy Weber on Monday, September 14, 2015.