Weekend Closures via ODOT

Effective Friday, March 27 at 10pm, through Monday, March 30, at 6am, the ramp from northbound I-280 to southbound I-75 will be closed for barrier wall installation.  Detour: northbound I-75; Alexis Road (Exit 201). 

The following ramps will be closed:

  • Through Saturday morning March 28, overnight from 10pm until 5am, the ramp from southbound I-75 to southbound I-280 will be closed for bridge work.  Detour: North Expressway Drive (Exit 207); South Expressway Drive.  
  • Effective Friday, March 27, at 10pm through June 2016, the ramp from Philips Avenue to northbound I-75 will be closed for traffic maintenance.  Detour: Manhattan Boulevard; Lagrange Street; South Expressway Drive.
  • The ramp from North Cove Boulevard to westbound I-475 will be permanently closed.  Detour: Central Avenue; Detroit Avenue; Phillips Avenue.
  • The ramp from eastbound I-475/northbound I-75 to Jeep Parkway will be permanently closed.  Detour: Phillips Avenue (Exit 206); Detroit Avenue; Berdan Avenue.
  • Through July 2016, the ramp from northbound I-75 to Jeep Parkway (Exit 205A).  Detour: Berdan Avenue (Exit 205B); Detroit Avenue.
  • Through July 2018, the ramp from Jeep Parkway to southbound I-75.  Detour: Berdan Avenue.
  • Through July 2018, the ramp from Willys Parkway to northbound I-75.  Detour: Berdan Avenue; Detroit Avenue; Philips Avenue. 
  • Through July 2018, the ramp from southbound I-75 to Willys Parkway (Exit 205A).  Detour: Detroit Avenue (Exit 203B).

Local Streets:

Through June 2016, Jeep Parkway from Central Avenue to Berdan Avenue will be closed.  Central Avenue; Detroit Avenue; Berdan Avenue. 

Through July 2018, Willys Parkway from Pioneer Lane to Jeep Parkway will be closed. 

Project complete: July 2018.  All work is weather permitting. 

Posted by Stacy Weber on Thursday, March 26, 2015.