Neighborhood Beautification Contest

Sponsored by the City of Toledo and Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful, this contest focuses on promoting community involvement in keeping Toledo a beautiful place to live, work, and play. Individuals, neighborhood blocks, small businesses and nominated homes whose properties reflect their community pride will receive recognition from the Mayor and City Council and an elegantly designed house plaque. Two small businesses, two blocks, three houses, and two nominated houses will be selected in each district.


Appoint Steering Committee

July 30th
Application DeadlineAugust 30th at 4 p.m.
JudgingSeptember 6th - 17th
AwardsSeptember 24th - 27th


Open to all individuals, neighborhood blocks, and small businesses within city limits (50% of home/multi-family complexes on a block must participate to qualify). The Steering Committee defines property enhancements as "community beautification and includes exterior aesthetically pleasing improvements to the front yard, fencing, and home/building." Condition of streets and sidewalks will not affect judging, property cannot have any outstanding code violations. A block is defined as "a section of homes on both sides of a street that is intersected by a street at each end.”

Submit your entry

When is the submission deadline?

The application deadline ends no later than 4 p.m. August 30th please provide the following materials to be considered for the contest.

What to submit?

Photos showing your potted plants and porches, your winding paths and newly painted fences, or your prized landscape gardens.

Judging Criteria

The Steering Committee will only consider street-facing landscaping and enhancements that increase the property's curb appeal including plant materials, landscape design, and property maintenance.

Does the landscape enhance the neighborhood?

Is the plant selection appropriate for the site and the climate?

Is the footpath to the property clear and inviting?

Is the front porch clean from debris and in good condition?

Is the front door crisply painted and clean?

Are the front yard lawn green and well-trimmed?

Is the fencing and exterior paint of the home in good condition?

Is the yard free of litter?