Thanks to all our 2021 participants!

We received more than 40 contest entries next year! Check back early spring for information on how to enter in 2022.

Contest Winners

1010 Prospect Ave. 938 Prospect Ave. 935 Prospect Ave. 5059 Cranston Dr. 2344 W. Grecourt Dr. 2222 Meadowcroft Ln. 211 South Ave. 654 E. Lake St. 3264 Beaumont Dr. 554 Belmont Dr. 4211 Elmhurst Rd. 4879 292nd St. Boyd's Retro Candy 3200 Block Cheltenham 2300 Block Densmore

Selection Criteria

The selection committee was made up of 7 individuals, 5 of whom were appointed by City Council Members. The remaining two individuals were staff members from the Department of Housing and Community Development.

The committee evaluated street-facing landscaping and enhancements that increased the property's curb appeal including plant materials, landscape design, and property maintenance. Each winning property enhances its neighborhood and:

  • plant selection is site and climate appropriate
  • footpath is clear and inviting
  • front porch is clean from debris and in good condition
  • front door crisply painted and clean
  • front yard lawn green and well-trimmed
  • fencing and exterior paint of the home in good condition
  • yard free of litter