Our plows are gearing up for snow removal season. New this year, residents will be able to track where plows are working on the map. Help us name our plows to follow their work on the map!

Contest Details

We are asking Toledo residents to submit their best plow names for consideration. From now until Wednesday, November 30, participants can submit plow names through the form below. Then, on Friday, December 2, all qualified name submissions will be presented to the public. Participants can vote on the top 6 names for our leaf and snowplows until December 9. The winning names will be announced Monday, December 12.


  • Names should be appropriate and cannot contain profanity or inappropriate language.
  • Names cannot be an individual’s name.
  • The name submitted should be a name that is created by the submitter, and not otherwise owned or copyrighted by another entity, such as a movie, TV, or person’s name, or reference to an existing company.
  • By submitting a snowplow name, you grant all rights to use/display/publish the name you submit to the Name a Plow Contest.

Submit snowplow name

(needed to contact you if your plow name is chosen)
(needed to contact you if your plow name is chosen)