The City of Toledo Division of Engineering Services is currently finishing the design of three traffic circles that will be located on Schneider Road.

About the Project

The project is planned to begin in spring/summer of 2022 and be completed by fall of 2022. During construction, Schneider Road may have partial closers as the intersections are redesigned. Access to all properties will be maintained throughout construction.

Schneider is a major cut through road from Heatherdowns Blvd. to Byrne Rd. The city has received numerous complaints from residents about this section of roadway, including:

  • Excessive speed
  • Property damage due to no curbs

Speed Study Results

In the early 2000s, the speed limit was reduced from 35 MPH to 30 MPH in an attempt to slow down traffic.

In 2018, the City of Toledo Transportation Division did a speed study and found that the average speed was around 38 MPH. It was found that 70% of vehicles traveled between 35 MPH and 54.9 MPH.

Project Plans

Schneider & Brierheath Schneider & Birchwood Schneider & Royal Haven

The locations will be at the intersection of Schneider and Royal Haven, Schneider and Birchwood, and Schneider and Brierheath. This includes the removal and replacement of pavement, installation of new concrete traffic circle, installation of curb, and various drainage improvements.

Scope of Work

The road will be completely removed down to the dirt and built back up with pavement that will last a long time. Catch basins will be installed to allow for drainage with new curbs being installed along the outside radius’. Pedestrian ramps will be redone where needed for ADA-compliant walkways.

This photo is similar to what is being proposed, but not exact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why traffic circles?

Residential mini traffic circles have been proven to reduce speeds by forcing vehicles to maneuver around them while still allowing through traffic. They are less likely to divert the existing traffic on to other residential streets while still accomplishing traffic calming.

Why these intersections?

Residential mini traffic circles are ideal traffic calming device at minor intersection crossings and are an ideal treatment for uncontrolled intersections which this street meets the criteria.

What other improvements will be made?

Curbing, drainage, pedestrian ramps, and warning signage will be added.

What kind of lighting/signage will warn drivers of the change?

Roadway street lighting has been upgraded to LED lighting. Advanced circle signage warning markers will be added in all directions.

What about speeding tickets?

Driver speed is largely a reflection of the material conditions of the roadway. Schneider, due to it being a long unbroken straight-away with wide uncurbed shoulders, makes drivers feel comfortable traveling at higher rates of speed. While enforcement can depress bad driver behavior in the short term it is not a permanent answer.

What about speed bumps?

Speed humps are recommended for 25 mph streets only, Schneider is a 30 mph street. Speed humps will also redirect traffic onto other residential streets. They will also slow down emergency response times.

What about stop signs?

Stop signs are not a traffic calming device. They do not slow vehicles down. They are to dictate who has the right-of-way. Unwarranted stop sign installation creates vehicle/driver disregarding the stop altogether.

Won’t residents speed up between circles?

Studies have shown that while vehicles will always speed up in between traffic calming measures, the rate of acceleration is on average much higher on networks possessing stop signs or speed bumps as opposed to traffic circles.

Why so many in a short stretch?

The spacing maintains vehicle speeds throughout the roadway section, instead of speeding up once past a single circle. These residential traffic circle are really very non-intrusive.

Will emergency services be impacted?

These residential traffic circles are designed to allow emergency vehicle through access and turning left in front of the center circle.

Will garbage trucks be impacted?

These residential traffic circles are designed to allow garbage trucks through access and turning left in front of the center circle.

Will neighboring properties be impacted?

No, they are designed to fit within existing right of way. Access to all properties will be maintained throughout construction.

Won’t this cause more accidents?

Traffic calming circles have been shown to precipitously decrease the most common accident types, rear-ends, while also significantly reducing the severity of future crashes.

Where else has this been done?

Traffic calming circles are commonly used on lower-volume, lower-speed roadways across the continental United States.

Public Meeting

Watch it Again

Nearby property owners, occupants, and other interested parties were invited to attend a public meeting to learn more about the project.