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Catch up on past due water bills.

A new program from the City of Toledo to help eligible low-income, senior, or disabled Toledo residents pay off water bill balances.

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Create an account on the online portal, or call 419-314-3402 to enroll over the phone.

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligible customers must:

  • live inside the City of Toledo
  • have past due charges of at least $200 (water, sewer, storm water) from prior to October 1, 2021
  • tenants are eligible to apply with a signed landlord/tenant agreement form on file
  • stay current on all new charges while enrolled in the program
  • meet the federal income guidelines below
Household SizeTotal Household Income (200% of the Federal poverty level)Total Household Income - Seniors and Disabled Customers (300% of the Federal poverty level)

Application Process

Register with PromisePay

Applicants will be able to screen for eligibility by calling the debt forgiveness hotline at 419-314-3402 or creating an account on the online portal. You will need to answer these 5 screening questions:

  1. Home owner or tenant?
  2. How many people live in your household?
  3. Are you 65 years or older?
  4. Are you permanently disabled?
  5. What is your total annual household income?

Enrollment Complete

The city will complete your enrollment by verifying the total amount eligible for debt forgiveness. You may need to schedule an actual meter read. Eligible charges include:

  • water charges prior to Oct. 1
  • storm water charges prior to Oct. 1
  • sewer charges prior to Oct. 1

Any outstanding balances from after Oct. 1 or from trash charges will be eligible for an installment payment plan, not for debt forgiveness.