Pre-Construction Demolition vs. Building Stripping

Buildings being prepared for renovation, rehabilitation, interior alterations, addition or complete demolition must adhere to the following policy established by the Department of Inspection on August 23, 2013.

Renovation, Rehabilitation. Interior Alterations, or Addition.

A building being prepared for renovation, rehabilitation, interior alterations or addition requires an application for a building permit. Such application establishes the intent of the applicant to engage in pre-construction removal of non-structural interior materials in preparation for future renovation, rehabilitation, interior alterations or a new addition. Further, it identifies the project to the city as a site at which the legal removal of building components or installations may occur, rather than a site at which illegal “building stripping” occurs.

Demolition (Full).

A building being prepared for demolition requires the owner to apply for a full demolition permit. Such application must be accompanied by a documented asbestos survey release as well as a rat abatement release and evidence that all utility connections have been terminated. A full demolition permit is available on our website. 

Demolition (Interior Only)

An interior demolition will follow the same procedure as a full demolition permit except it will not require utility kills to be performed. Interior demolition permits will require approvals from the Division of Environmental Services (asbestos release) as well as the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department (rat inspection). The fee for an interior demolition permit will always be $100 which is the fee that covers demolitions between 6,000 and 50,000 cubic feet.


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