Division of Fiscal Monitoring

Bonita Bonds, Commissioner
One Government Center, Suite 1800
Toledo, Ohio 43604
Phone: 419.245.1400
Fax: 419.245.1192

The Department of Neighborhoods, Division of Fiscal Monitoring (Administrative Services) which includes the program monitoring section and fiscal section provides the fiscal oversight planning and administration of the federal dollars received by the City as an entitlement city. The division monitors the use of the allocations made to several city departments, who receive funds specifically for code enforcement & nuisance abatement, as well as third-party partners who receive CDBG, HOME, NSP, ESG and other stimulus funds as available for the purpose of meeting the U. S. Housing and Urban Development Department's (HUD) National Objectives; i.e. benefit to low-moderate income individuals, elimination of slum/blight conditions and meeting an urgent need.