3rd Party Partners

The City of Toledo (COT), Department of Neighborhoods funds with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) dollars various agencies that can assist the COT/DON meet the National Objectives set by U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  These Agencies, known as Third-Party Partners, undertake activities that assist the COT with providing suitable living conditions, affordable housing and job creation. The activities must address the U. S. HUD National Objectives of (a) benefitting low/moderate income individuals or families, (b) eliminating slum & blight conditions and/or (c) meeting an urgent-emergency need.

  Arts Commission  

 Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, Inc.

 Activity: Provide employment opportunities in the creative sector to low- and moderate-income youth.



 Believe Center, Inc.

 Activity:  Provide sports and recreational opportunities to low- and moderate-income youth.


Activity:  Provide comprehensive, high-quality prenatal care which addresses the social determinants of health to at-risk low- and moderate-income persons.



East Toledo Family Center

Activity:  Provide repairs and rehabilitation to low- and moderate-income senior homeowners.

Provide youth enrichment program.



The Toledo Fair Housing Center

Activity:  Ensure that residents shall have housing choices through enforcement/education and development/implementation of the Analysis of Impediments.

Conduct an Analysis of Impediments to address the barriers to fair housing choice and create a Fair Housing Action Plan to address the barriers and affirmatively further fair housing.


  Grace Community Logofinal

 Grace Community Center

Activity: Provide summer learning activities and recreation to low- and moderate income youth.

Increase the availability/accessibility of fresh vegetables to low- and moderate-income individuals through the garden cooperative program.


 Helping Hands

Helping Hands of St. Louis

Activity:  Provide groceries on a monthly basis to at-risk low- and moderate-income persons.



 Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc.

Activity:  Provide legal services to low- and moderate-income persons.


 Lucas Housing Services Corporation

Activity:  To repair/rehab three houses and make them available for purchase by low- to moderate-income persons/families.


   Lucas County Health Dept

Lucas County Regional Health District

Activity:  Reduce the number of sites with rodent infestation and resolve rodent complaints directly related to code enforcement.



MLK Kitchen for the Poor

Activity:  Provide supplemental food boxes to low- and moderate-income persons.



Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity

Activity:  Improve the quality of housing stock through owner-occupied repairs for eligible low-income homeowners.

Improve the quality of housing stock through roof repairs for eligible low-income homeowners.


 NHA (1) 

 Neighborhood Health Association

Activity:  Provide quality healthcare and preventative healthcare services to low- and moderate-income persons.


Neighbor Works

 NeighborWorks Toledo Region

Activity:  Improve the quality of housing stock through owner-occupied rehabilitation. 

Improve the quality of housing through the improvement of owner-occupied units in specified zip codes.

Create vital sustainable neighborhoods and economic opportunites through financial coaching for area residents.

Provide foreclosure education and/or counseling to low- and moderate-income homeowners.


Pwlogo 1 

Pathway, Inc.

Activity:  Provide emergency repairs to eligible low- to very-low-income homeowners, including seniors and the disabled.


 Preferred Properties

Preferred Properties, Inc. 

Activity: Complete accessibility modifications and rehabilitation of homes occupied by low-income persons with disabilities.



Sofia Quintero Art & Culture Center, Inc.

Activity: Create and maintain community gardens from abandoned/vacant properties and grow produce for low- and moderate-income residents.



Toledo GROWs

Activity:  Provide resources, education, and ongoing support to persons in LMI targeted neighborhoods to convert blighted/vacant lots into productive community gardens.



 Toledo Seagate Foodbank 

Activity:  Provide balanced, nutritional food baskets to low- and moderate-income persons.